Our Story

Delivering gigabit fibre broadband to rural villages across the South West.

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TrueSpeed was founded in 2014 with one thing in mind - providing an alternative and superior broadband service across the South West.

Towards the end of 2015, the company began the construction of its first fibre-to-the-premises network in Priston, Somerset, which went live just 5 weeks later. This was a revolution for the area and has transformed the way residents and businesses operate in the day to day lives, from more time-freedom, a more productive business or simply a new way to keep the equilibrium in busy, family life.

Since then, TrueSpeed has connected the lovely villages Newton St Loe, Woollard, Compton Dando with Burnett and Stanton Drew / Wick next to receive Gigabit-capable connectivity. Alongside its outstanding natural beauty, the Chew Valley is becoming an even more compelling place to live.

TrueSpeed Gigabit fibre is now available to more and more communities across the South West, with big plans to expand further. We believe that living in beautiful rural locations should not inhibit your experience of the internet, whether you choose to work from home, or how you choose to communicate with the world.

TrueSpeed delivers full fibre broadband to rural homes and businesses by building a brand new infrastructure, separate from other providers. Our network is designed to deliver gigabit fibre broadband directly into the property, giving you access to faster speeds, and a greater, more reliable & sustainable connection. Whatever the future may bring.

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