How to install a Grandstream?

Your Grandstream will come with a set of step-by-step instructions to set up your landline but if you need another copy, please find them here.

Alternatively, please follow the steps below.

Step 1 – Connect your ethernet cable

Plug the supplied ethernet cable into the ethernet port on the Grandstream device and the other end into the top ethernet port into your main Linksys router (not the child nodes).

Step 2 – Plug the Grandstream into the power

Plug your Grandstream device into the mains with the black power cable using the power port. Alternatively, you can use your Linksys device to power it by plugging the USB to the USB port on the Linksys router.

Step 3 – Connect your phone

Plug your white phone adapter into the phone port on the Grandstream device and connect your landline phone into the adapter.

Step 4Check your phone line

After 15 minutes, your phone should be connected. Please check you have a dial tone on your phone to confirm it’s working. We recommend you make a test call to ensure everything is set up.

If your phone does not activate after 15 minutes, unplug the Grandstream at the mains and follow steps 3 & 4 again (including waiting 15 minutes). If your phone is still unable to make calls, please reach out to our customer care team on 01225 300 370. 

WARNING: if you use the internet scheduling feature on your router, it will block access to your phone line when the internet is off. This means you will not be able to make or receive calls, including 999 & 112.