How to set up my new Mesh Wi-Fi system?

When you’re ready to install your new router, you’ll need to contact our Customer Service team who will switch your line over and active your new device. Our Customer Service team are available Mon – Thurs 8am – 7pm, Fri 8am – 6pm and Sat 8am – 4pm. Please bear this in mind when looking to set up your devices, to ensure you don’t experience a loss of service when you complete the set up. To contact our team please call 01225 300 370.

When you call our Customer Service team they will talk you through the next few steps and activate your new router line.

Once they’ve made their changes, you will need to reset your FTU (Fibre Termination Unit). Our Customer Service team will ask you to locate your FTU. This is where the fibre comes into your property, this is usually located near your router.

Once you’ve spoken to our team and located your FTU, we will activate your new line and let you know it’s time to set up your new device.


Restarting your Fibre Termination Unit

To restart your FTU, follow the cable from your FTU which leads to the power supply plug in your wall. Turn it off at the wall, wait 1 minute and switch it back on again.

Once you’ve done this you can follow the Linksys Setup Guide that comes in your new router box.

Please find a copy of the Linksys Setup digital step-by-step guide


Installing a phone line

If you’re installing a phone line, you will need to use the Gramstream device. This is a small black device that connects your router to your phone line.

To set up your device, follow the 3 simple steps from your Landline Phone Setup Guide.