I’m not getting the speeds I signed up for

If you have any of our other routers (Zyxel or Fritz) to experience the full speeds to a single wireless device such as a laptop, tablet, or smartphone; the device needs to be connected to the high frequency TruespeedUltra-XXXX network from your Truespeed router.

You have two networks transmitting from your router: Truespeed-XXXX and TrueSpeedUltra-XXXX and not all devices can connect to the higher frequency TruespeedUltra-XXXX network.

Check out this FAQ for more information

Speed testing your Truespeed connection: Please use Speedtest by Ookla using the Truespeed Speed Test Server, in Bath.

Go to: www.speedtest.net

It is important to change the server by clicking on ‘Change Server’ and selecting ‘Truespeed Communications, Bath’. Standing next to your Truespeed router and ensuring your device is connected to TrueSpeedUltra-XXXX

Press GO.

This will show the Download Speed in Mbps – Megabits per second (data into your device) and an Upload Speed (data coming from your device).

Have a Smart Phone or Tablet? Then try downloading the Ookla App. Available to download via the App Store (Apple iOS) or Google Play Store (Android).

Good to note: If other devices are using the connection when running a speed test; this will affect the results. So if you want to see the full speed available, turn off the Wi-Fi on other devices.

Please note: We recommend testing on an additional device to make sure the issue is not isolated to one device.