What do the lights mean on my Truespeed router?

When we connect you, you’ll have two boxes installed at your home, your main Truespeed router and a fibre termination unit (FTU) that will be a white or black box typically fixed to the wall.

The Wall Mounted FTU (Fibre Termination Unit) controls the fibre service coming into your home. This should always have two green lights on display on the right-hand side. Lights: – Power Light: On – WAN Light: On

The black box will have an additional light. As long as all lights are green, then this is fine.

For the different routers:


The Truespeed router, controls the connectivity of your devices and manages internet access. There should always be the first 5 lights showing green (some will flash from time to time).

These are the main LEDs Starting from Left; –

Power LED: Confirms Router is powered

WAN LED: Router is receiving a connection from the FTU – Fibre Termination Unit.

Internet LED: Confirms connection.

2.4GHz LED: Confirms non-ultra transmitting

5GHz LED: Confirms ultra transmitting

LAN light: Indicates a device is plugged in to one of the LAN ports on the back of the router.


You should always have both the power/DSL and WLAN light turned on. This confirms that the router is powered and transmitting a wireless signal.


There will be only one light on the top of the router. This should always be shown as a solid blue to indicate the service is working. If the light is showing as red, then it is not receiving a connection. You will need to check the connection and if everything is plugged in as it should then report it to our customer care team on 01225 300370. The only other colour the light would typically be is purple, which indicates the setup is not complete.