What’s the difference between Truespeed and TruespeedUltra?

With your dual band router installed, you may notice that there are two separate networks available to access on certain wireless devices: Truespeed-XXXX is a lower frequency, longer range 2.4GHz band, and TruespeedUltra is a high frequency band of 5GHz.

So what’s the difference between Truespeed and TruespeedUltra?

The higher frequency TruespeedUltra-XXXX is capable of supplying the full flow of Truespeed Mbps to your wireless devices. It’s important to note that your devices need to be designed to support Wi-Fi 5 or above. (Yes there are different Wi-Fis – but as long as your device isn’t more than 3 years old, you should be fine).

Truespeed-XXXX might have a lower frequency, but it can still supply speeds up to 100Mbps (again depending on your individual wireless devices’ Wi-Fi capabilities). Although a lower frequency, Truespeed-XXXX’s signal naturally travels further. And in a typical UK house, it is more adept at penetrating solid objects like walls and floors than the TruespeedUltra network.

All in all, the combination of our two networks gives you the adaptability and performance. Plus, they’ll automatically switch between themselves on your devices depending on where you are in your home.