How do I check the broadband speed I’m getting?

That’s because your wireless / Wi-Fi performance depends on several factors:

  • Environmental factors such as the size of your home, the thickness of your walls, Electromagnetic interference and even metallic objects can all affect your Wi-Fi capability.
  • The distance between the router / Mesh and the device you are using
  • The distance between the router and Mesh
  • The number of devices in use at the same time
  • The performance capacity of the device you are using to test

If you’re testing from a Linksys router, you can speed test directly through your Linksys app, which will give you the most accurate result.

If you are testing from any of our other routers (Zyxel, Fritz) we recommend running a speed through a wired connection using a Cat 5E ethernet cable which you can plug into your router and your device. We recommend using for the most accurate results.