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TrueSpeed sponsor Chew Valley School's 4x4 Challenge!

Technology is an integral part of modern-day curriculums, particularly in providing students with the knowledge and transferable skills that allow them to enter into a variety of career paths post...


TrueSpeed Regional Winners of Barclays Entrepreneur Award

“At TrueSpeed, we’re proving that it is feasible, profitable and hugely beneficial to deliver ultrafast broadband to rural communities. Providing future-proofed infrastructure that enables local communities to thrive is essential...


TrueSpeed's Biggest Ever Champion Campaign!

An instrumental factor in bringing villages ultrafast, 200Mb/s full fibre broadband, are TrueSpeed Champions. Pillars within their communities, TrueSpeed Champions are proven to help achieve the 30% target significantly quicker...


TrueSpeed Events - Find Out Where We Are!

TrueSpeed are out and about in an area near you!

Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme

TrueSpeed are proud to announce we are a registered supplier of the Gigabit Broadband Voucher Scheme part of the Local Full Fibre Networks Programme. 


Free Broadband For Life For Schools & Village Halls!

TrueSpeed are proud to be unlike any other broadband provider both in the service we provide and our company ethos. As a local company based in the South West, we're...


Mentoring with TrueSpeed and Chew Valley School

We're proud to keep our community ethos at the forefront of everything we do and are excited for our next community focused venture to get underway!


TrueSpeed Launches its Business and Enterprise Products

TrueSpeed’s residential full fibre broadband packages have brought some of the fastest speeds in the UK to parts of the South West’s most rural and previously off the grid areas...


TrueSpeed Sponsoring Somerset’s Village of The Year Awards!

TrueSpeed are thrilled to announce our collaboration with Somerset Live, by sponsoring ‘Somerset Village of the Year’. The innovative concept has been designed to invigorate the beautiful county of Somerset...

TrueSpeed’s Base Product Is Now a Whopping 200Mb/s!

TrueSpeed are thrilled to announce our base product has now been increased to 200Mb/s!


A Truly Future-Proof Broadband Solution

With internet access continuing to play a major factor in everyday life throughout the UK, rural communities are increasingly being left behind when it comes to sufficient broadband. Often coming...


TrueSpeed Online Service Order Forms Are Now Live!

TrueSpeed’s online Service Order Form is now live and ready to use. To confirm you want ultrafast gigabit fibre broadband simply use the link below and complete your online Service...


TrueSpeed Now Connecting Schools To Ultrafast Broadband Free Of Charge

TrueSpeed is proud to announce, as part of our continued commitment to supporting communities in the South West, we will connect primary and secondary schools to our ultrafast broadband service...


TrueSpeed recognised by business Tycoon Forbes

Fresh off the heels of our £75 million Aviva investment to install ultrafast fibre-to-the-premises broadband, industry heavyweight Forbes has picked up on the TrueSpeed radar. This recognition from an international...


Existing contracts with your broadband supplier now count towards 30% threshold!

After listening to your feedback during a number of our Q&A events across the Chew Valley, our Directors have now confirmed that if you have an existing contract with another...


TrueSpeed & the Financial Times - Broadband investors pour £500m into Britain’s countryside


TrueSpeed Secure £75 Million to build UltraFast Full Fibre Distribution Networks in the South West

Aviva Investors, the global asset management business of Aviva plc (‘Aviva’), has committed £75 million to TrueSpeed Communications Limited (“TrueSpeed”) to support the roll out of TrueSpeed’s ultrafast full fibre...


We've just connected Burnett!

Burnett is the latest village to join the ultrafast revolution! We are currently connecting residents in Compton Dando, Newton St. Loe, Priston & Woollard, with Stanton Drew, Stanton Wick, Regil Badgworth, Biddisham and the Allertons next...

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